School catering – Secondary

How to register, renew, process a payment.

Simplifying the badge system!

The catering service for the secondary classes works with a badge system.

↘ How to obtain a badge for your child.

For children already registered in secondary school,the Mone Web account and the badge remain identical and will be active from the start of the school year in September 2015.

For new students and newcomers throughout the year, the badge request must be submitted as early as possible and will be available from the following day at the self-service checkout, together with a password and username (required for the Mone Web system to work). The issuing fee is increased to €10.00 and will be debited from the 1st balance of the card.

As part of the modernisation of its family services, Sodexo is offering a secure online badge top-up tool on the Mone Web portal:

↘ How to top-up

There are two ways to top-up the badge:

  • Either via the cashier at the checkout (minimum top-up of €10.00)
  • Or via the Mone Web top-up site Mone Web (secure payment with Visa card or Mastercard)

Users with multiple accounts (several children) will need to log out at the end of each transaction (log out in the top right of the secure page) to be able to access the next account.

Students can only eat if their badge is credited. Please therefore be vigilant and top-up in advance.

↘ Loss or theft of a badge

If the card is lost or stolen, it can only be blocked by the Sodexo manager, upon request from the card holder, or by sending an email confirming the request (

It costs €15.00 to replace the card, and the balance of the previous card will be transferred to the new one.

The electronic badge is the only means of payment authorised in the restaurant and the cafeteria. Any loss or theft must be reported to the manager's office immediately.

↘ Loss of password

If a password is lost, the card holder can contact the cashier who will print them a receipt with the necessary information for the Mone Web system to work.

↘ Reimbursment

Students who permanently leave the school during the school year, can contact Sodexo to have the remaining sum on their card reimbursed.

Mone Web:
Portal to refill your badge